Why we need support

The main goal of Geos project is creation of personal geolocation assistant. This will be the app which can help anybody to extract the bests from World around and be closer to the real World! This is ambicious goal and a big way and now we are at the very begining.

We need to expand our technical department. There are very many tasks for web platform, Android, iOS. We need experiments with indoor geolocations. We need to develop user's API. We need some researches on augmented reality.

There are many needs for developing server side of the project. It seems to be extra highload, like any other social network.

Another provision is promoting. There are lots of work for it. Geos is the Worldwide project and has to come to every country on every language. And of course we know that there are its own speŅific in each culture.

There are many tasks such as legislative, content monitoring and so on. The bigger the project, the bigger responsibily.

How to support

1. Buy Geoscoin. You can buy GeosCoin for other cryptocurrency. Etherium and Bitcoins allowed. The prefered is Etherium. You just need to send some Ethers to special etherium address. You will get tokens automatically to your wallet and can store them while it's price is growing up.

We are glad to announce that there is bonus up to 70% until November, 30. You can get 1000 GeosCoins for only $299

If you are buying less than 1000 GeosCoins this will be $0.50 for each GEO

The price after crowdfunding period will be 1 GEO = $1

It will grow up after we make possible people to add ads, as the obly way to do it - to buy GeosCoins.

To get GeosCoins for Etherium send to 0xFA95646aEc63D22FfaEcdD49CC1EFDF5ae37C911 prefered amount of Ethers

If you want to invest in Bitcoins send them to 12FRRP4LUtjNU7Y63ZeyNwegy8K7Gu7Hfw

2. Become our venture investor. If you are investor and want to support project for long term - contact us: info@geos.world

3. Create interesting content. You can add content to the current channels or add your own channel. You can earn GeosCoins for your content.

4. Tell about us. Share about project in social networks or even make interview, overview, and so on.

5. Join our team We are looking for people who are able to root for the project.

If you can't support, just stay with us! Join our channels.