What is Geos?

Geos is the first Worldwide social network and geolocation searchengine. Geos lets people easily share location based content.

Would you like to find something interesting nearby? Or would you like to share interesting places with others? This is what Geos about.

The main mission of Geos team is creating personal geolocation assistent!


Earn money while adding geocontent!

Geos is developing few bounty programs for community to earn cryptocurrency. Right now you can earn by adding interesting content to geo channels supported by Geos team.

You will get your money in GeosCoins. This is cryptotokens based on Etherium. Later, you will be able to exchange it to Bitcoins, Etheriums or fiat currency.


Invest in GeosCoin - support project and earn capital!

GeosCoin cryptocurrency is the financial base of Geos community. It will allow users make many interesting things, such as location announcements, promoting ads, get help from community and so on. GeosCoins price will grow with Geos community.

Now you can get some benefits while presale!

Why need GeosCoins?

Join community geolocation channels or create your own!

Places of power / Места силы
This channel is about nature places of power. If you know the places where anybody can get nature support, please add.

Этот канал посвящен природным местам силы. Если вы знаете места, куда любой человек может придти и получить природную поддержку, пожалуйста добавьте это место.
Mother and baby / Комнаты матери и ребенка
This channel is for mother and baby rooms. Let's add places where mother can care about the baby.

Этот канал посвящен комнатам матери и ребенка. Добавляйте сюда места, где мама может позаботиться о малыше, переодеть его, и т.д.
Children Events / События для детей
Events where people can come with children
Place chats / Чаты на местах
Here you can discuss any places on the World. Do you have some interesting thinkings about a place? Just ask or say!

В этом канале можно обсуждать любые места на планете. У вас есть интересные мысли насчет какого-либо места? Спросите или расскажите!
Lost and Found / Потеряно-найдено
In this geolocation channel people can announce if they lost or found something.
Special offers and Discounts! / Суперакции и распродажи!
This geochannel is for special offers and extra discounts nearby You! Easily find something interesting wherever you are!
Christmas and New Year 2018 / Новый год и Рождество 2018
Where to go to celebrate New Year? Where to buy presents? Where to walk with family on Chrismas? This channel is all about Christmas and New Year 2018

Куда пойти встречать Новый Год? Где купить подарки? Куда погулять в Рождественские дни? Этот геоканал посвящен всему, что касается Новогодних и Рождественских праздников 2018
Handmaders announcements / Расписания хендмейдеров
Handmaders are useally create nice goods but don't have showroom. They often move to different places and sell their goods. Now you can easily find out where and when you favorite handmaiders are going to be.
Хендмейдеры создают удивительные вещи, но обычно у них нет постоянного места пребывания где можно было бы это увидеть. Они часто появляются на разных мероприятиях где продают свои поделки. Теперь вы можете легко находить своих любимых хендмейдеров по времени и местоположению.
Natural phenomena / Природные явления
The most beautiful places and the most striking natural phenomena occurring in the world. How nature affects people's lives.

Наиболее красивые места и наиболее впечатляющие природные явления, происходящие в мире. Как природа влияет на жизнь людей.
Идеи подарков к Новому Году
Что подарить на Новый Год 2018? И главное - где это купить? В этом геоканале люди делятся своими идеями к Новому Году и местами, где эти подарки можно приобрести!
Москва, Санкт-Петербург, Россия
Monumen Nasional
The National Monument, or "Monas" as it is popularly called, is one of the monuments built during the Sukarno era of fierce nationalism. The top of the National Monument (Monas) is Freedom Square. It stands for the people's determination to achieve freedom and the crowning of their efforts in the Proclamation of Independence in August 1945. The 137-meter tall marble obelisk is topped with a flame coated with 35 kg of gold. The base houses a historical museum and a hall for meditations. The monument is open to the public and upon request the lift can carry visitors to the top, which offers a bird's eye view on the city and the sea.

Go early to beat the crowds and the haze. It is easy for the less physically able as lifts take visitors to the top. The diorama exhibition in the basement gives such a distorted view of Indonesian history - thanks to the dictator Suharto wanting to brainwash the nation - it's amusing. This imposing obelisk is Jakarta's most famous landmark. Construction started in 1961 under President Soekarno but was not completed until 1975, under President Soeharto. The monument houses a couple of museums. The Freedom Hall depicts Indonesia's struggle for independence through a series of dioramas, whereas the Hall of Contemplation displays the original Declaration of Independence document and a recording of the speech. An elevator takes one to the observation platform, which commands a bird's-eye view of the cityscape.